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2021 K-UAM Confex Review

Check out the programs held at the 2021 K-UAM Confex.
01 Global Networking - 5 MOU Signing - Incheon and LA Local Government - Establishment of Joint Cooperation System for UAM Industry Development
- IIAC-LAWA - Establishment of Cooperation System in the UAM Field between Two Airports
- IAIAC-UML - Establishment of Cooperation System in the UAM Field
* IAIAC:Institute for Aerospace Industry- Academia Collaboration * UML: Urban Movement Labs - Incheon Metropolitan Government, Mint Air-Lotte Consortium (Lotte Holdings, Lotte Rental) - UAM Demonstration Flight Support
- Incheon International Airport Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Korean Air, and KT - Building the UAM Ecosystem
02 Conference - 40 Speakers across the world
03 Exhibition - 20 Organizations Participating organizations : Volocopter, Hyundai Motor, Hanwha System, Korean Air, Etc.
04 Demonstration The airport shuttle in the metropolitan area is expected to be the first commercial model for K-UAM in 2025. A comprehensive scenario of boarding and operating based at Incheon Airport, the destination of departure.