K-UAM Confex

Speaker - Day 2

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SESSION 04 : UAM & Entrepreneur

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    K-UAM Grand Challenge(GC) 1단계 참여계획 K-UAM Grand Challenge(GC) Phase 1 Participation Plan

    신지웅 / Ji-woong Shin

    현대자동차 / Hyundai Motors Group
    책임매니저 / Senior Manager

    ▶ ‘20~현재, AAM본부 AAM사업기획팀
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    SKT, Our Journey to Urban Air Mobility

    김정일 / Jeong-il Kim

    SK 텔레콤 / SK Telecom
    팀장 / Team Leader

    ● 2022.02 ~ SK 텔레콤 UAM실증사업팀 팀장
    ● 2019.01 ~ SK 텔레콤 5GX Cloud사업본부 팀리더
    ● 2017.12 ~ SK 텔레콤 통합온라인채널그룹 팀리더
    ● 2001.01 ~ SK 텔레콤 Marketing부문
    * 연세대학교 경제학(학사), 2001
    * 서울대학교 경영학(석사, GMBA), 2010
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    UAM 운항과 교통관리 UAM Operation and Traffic Management

    김재우 / Jae-woo Kim

    대한항공 / Korean Air
    부장 / Department Manager

    ▶ 기계공학 석사, 국방경영학 박사
    ▶1999.10월 대한항공 입사, 무인기 개발/기획/영업 담당
    ▶ 현 UAM 섹션장/부장
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    글로벌 UAM 개발 동향과 시장 전망 Global UAM Trends & Potential Market Forecasts

    차봉근 / Peter Cha

    한국항공우주산업 / KAI
    팀장 / Team Leader

    ▶ ’96 현대우주항공 입사
    ▶ ‘96~’99 항공기 구조설계
    ▶ ‘99~’06 항공기 생산기술
    ▶ ‘06~’15 민수 기체 영업
    ▶ ‘16~ 전사 기획/전략 총괄
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    한국형 도심항공교통(K-UAM) 기술개발 추진 전략 공유 Sharing plans on K-UAM technology development

    김민기 / Min-ki Kim

    국토교통과학기술진흥원 / KAIA
    수석연구원 / Chief Researcher

    ▶ (석•박사) 서울대학교 기계항공공학 전공 / (학사) 한국항공대학교 기계공학 전공
    ▶ 前 한화에어로스페이스, 엔진개발센터, 책임연구원
    ▶ 前 한국전력공사 기초전력연구원, 전력연구실, 산학연구원
    ▶ 現 서울시, 민간투자사업 기계분과 전문위원
    ▶ 現 과학기술정보통신부, 국가과학기술수준평가 및 국가연구개발사업 예비타당성조사 기술성평가 전문위원
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    Transition from General Aviation to UAM

    신민 / Min Shin

    모비에이션 / Moviation
    대표 / CEO

    ▶(전) Luna Advisors 대체 투자 자문사 대표
    ▶Bear Stearns 헤지펀드 포트폴리오 담당
    ▶Morgan Stanley 뉴욕 본사 신용파생팀 담당
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    미래항공모빌리티(AAM) 인증체계 구축을 위한 시험평가 기술개발 Testing Technology Development for establishment of AAM Certification System

    조정현 / Jeong-hyun Cho

    한국산업기술시험원 / KTL
    센터장 / Center Director

    ▶ 2014.06~현재, 한국산업기술시험원 미래항공기술센터 센터장(책임연구원)
    ▶ 2008.06~2014.01, 대한항공기술연구원 과장
    ▶ 2000.03~2008.02, 한양대학교 기계공학 박사
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    Enabling the Path Ahead for AAM

    Alan Lim

    Alton Aviation Consultancy

    ◼ Alan is a key member of Alton Aviation
    Consultancy’s technology and mobility
    ◼ Based in Singapore, Alan is a
    seasoned aviation professional with a
    decade of management consulting
    and line management experience
    ◼ He is experienced in strategic
    planning, market assessment, traffic
    forecasting, market sizing and has
    been instrumental in advising the
    firm’s clients in APAC, Middle East,
    and North America regions on a
    variety of issues
    ◼ Alan started his career with Singapore
    Airlines working in the commercial,
    operations, and strategy departments.
    In particular, he was one of the
    pioneer members of the airline’s
    Business Transformation team, where
    he helped to kickstart the airline’s
    transformation program
    ◼ Prior to Alton, Alan was a
    Management Consultant with Partners
    in Performance, an implementation focused consultancy, where he helped
    clients to identify and implement
    various business improvement
    opportunities across the aviation,
    hospitality, and manufacturing
    ◼ Alan earned his B.S. in Economics
    from University College London and
    his Master of Science in Financial and
    Managerial Economics from HEC
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    Vertiport Design and the Human Experience

    남궁승환 / Seung-hwan Namgoong

    Pickard Chilton
    수석 / Associate Principal


    Pickard Chilton: 2007 ~ Present
    • Takanawa Gateway City, Tokyo, Japan: 2016 ~ Present (2025 Expected Completion)
    - 1.4 million ㎡, Master Plan
    - 500,000 ㎡, Two Mixed-use Buildings
    • Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, Tokyo, Japan: 2013 ~ 2023 (Completed)
    - 300,000 ㎡, Mixed-use Development
    • Dominion Energy Headquarters, Richmond, VA: 2019 (Completed)
    - 100,000 ㎡, Office Building
    • Eaton House, Dublin, Ireland: 2015 (Completed)
    - 100,000 ㎡, Office Building, Re-positioning
    • Eaton Center, Beachwood, Ohio: 2013 (Completed)
    - 100,000 ㎡, Corporate Headquarters Building
    • The Atrium, Dubai, UAE: 2008 (Design Development)
    - 27,000 ㎡, Residential Building
    • Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: 2007 (Concept Design)
    - 1,160,000 ㎡, Mixed-use Development

    Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates (SANAA): 2005 and 2006 Summer Internship
    • New Museum, New York City
    • EPFL Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
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    Advanced Air Mobility: Towards a New Market

    Paul Burton

    Aviation Week
    Managing Director, Asia Pacific

    Mr. Paul Burton has been Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Aviation Week Network (AWN) since May 2018, when he became the region’s first full-time senior leader. Mr. Burton is responsible for shaping and implementing AWN strategy for the Asia Pacific region. His portfolio spans all areas of AWN output, including events, data, consultancy and marketing services. Prior to joining AWN, Mr. Burton was Director of Content and Asia-Pacific Business Development at Jane’s. He specializes in commercial aerospace and defence leadership, with a strong focus on strategic development and delivering projects that exceed the needs of senior clients throughout Asia. Mr. Burton has provided tailored business development support to many Asian government agencies and A&D OEMs and MROs, helping them to formulate strategies and achieve growth.
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    Advanced Air Mobility Concept of Operations for Incheon Metropolitan City

    Michael Guterres

    Senior Principal

    Michael is a key leader at MITRE's Center for Advanced Aviation System Development and has over 18 years of experience in UAS.
    At MITRE he directs a portfolio of programs with public and private sector partners focusing on AAM and UAS integration and proliferation. These have included the FAA UAS integration Pathfinder Program, the White House Drone Integration Pilot Program, the FAA’s BEYOND program, and multiple state and international government level initiatives in AAM and UAS integration. His activities focus on the intersection of advanced technology, novel aviation operations and infrastructure, aviation policy, aviation safety, advanced data analytics, innovation implementation and societal impact.
    Before joining MITRE, Dr. Guterres was a Director at Textron Systems where he led UAS product development, strategy, and engineering.
    Dr. Guterres has authored several articles and holds multiple patents in aviation. He received a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park.
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    The Business Case for AAM and Enabling the AAM Ecosystem in Korea

    Augustine Tai

    Eve Air Mobility
    Head of Business Development (APAC)

    Augustine Tai is the Head of Business Development (APAC) for Eve Air Mobility. He leads Eve’s Business Development in APAC, being responsible for the sales strategy of Eve’s eVTOL and Services, for securing Partnerships throughout the UAM ecosystem, and for supporting future operations in the APAC region.

    Augustine brings to the team over 21 years of experience in the aviation and aerospace sectors, and his experience includes Technical Services, Production Management, Program Management, Airline Line Operations and Sales, covering both MRO and OEM segments. Prior to joining Eve, Augustine held the role of Services & Support (Commercial Aviation) Director (APAC) at Embraer. He was responsible for all Services & Support activities for Embraer Commercial Aviation in the APAC region, and has direct responsibilities for Services Sales, Field Service, and Material Services in the region.

    He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & Production Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore.
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    Osaka Expo operation of AAM

    Keisuke Yasukochi

    Global Intelligence Officer

    Have been working as Global Intelligence Officer and Business Development Manager for SkyDrive, the eVTOL OEM in Japan and managing business strategy mainly for the global market. Previously working as a consultant specializing in innovation and Urban Air Mobility market and its ecosystem including eVTOL, and drones. Have been running and managing a number of projects from building a strategy for UAM entry to implementing market strategy for specific areas within UAM, such as Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system, regulations & rule making, vertiport, EV and its charging station. Through previous job at EY, have been running and facilitating design thinking workshops, solving issues and challenges for number of clients.
    Spent 18 years in Australia and working as an internal auditor for public services and understanding working in both Japanese and multicultural society and workforce.
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    Osaka Expo operation of AAM

    Asa Quesenberry


    Asa Quesenberry is the founder and president of SkyScape Vertiports, a Japan based vertiport development and management company focused on community centric Vertiport development.

    He studied in the US receiving a degree in urban planning and architecture before entering into the US and Canadian drone industry. Eventually he relocated to Japan and founded SkyScape. The startup has raised venture capital in the US and Japan and currently is involved in a number of Vertiport projects throughout the APAC region. Asa is a senior advisor to the US Advanced Air Mobility Institute and is also the co-founder of Startup Guild Japan, a group aimed at local startup ecosystem development.

    He cares deeply about leveraging technology and design to positively impact our communities.